5 ways to enhance the storage capacity of your home

HouseNowadays lots of people tend to complain about the lack of storage space in their households. If you are currently having storage problems in your home, keep reading because we will present to you five ways by which you can drastically enhance the storage capacity of your home.

  1. Storage bed– The bedroom is perhaps the room of your household with the largest need of a maximum storage capacity. Ironically the bedroom is also the room with the least amount of free space, once that you place a wardrobe and bed in the room. Still there is a solution for this unpleasant conundrum and the solution is to get a storage bed which has a hollow frame and drawers on the side of the frame and therefore will allow you to store not so necessary items under the mattress and into the bed frame.
  2. Wooden storage chest– Don’t use common plastic storage containers to augment the storage capacity of any of your rooms. For one the containers are ugly and rarely blend it with the interior design of your home. Instead get a wooden storage chest for the task. The chest will be much more appealing to the eye and has a much larger storage capacity than plastic containers. The only downside of using a wooden storage chest is that it will require regular cleaning. Luckily for you, you can always spare yourself the task by using the services of Cleaners Kingston.
  3. Hallway bench– The hallway is another area of the household that requires a significant amount of storage space. An easy solution for the problem is to place a hallway bench into your foyer. This way you will be able to storage your shoes and boots underneath and bench and hang your coats, hats and umbrellas on the hooks that you will place above the bench. Another approach to enhance the storage of your hallway is to place a hallway wardrobe into the area but before you do so make sure that you have enough space into your foyer or risk blocking it with a large piece of furniture.
  4. Ottoman chairs– Ottoman chairs are considered by many interior designers as the ideal solution for storage problems. For one the chairs are quite comfortable and nice looking and two with their hidden compartment provide enough storage space to hide all your items that are not of first necessity. The only thing that goes against Ottoman chairs is that you will have to have to use cleaning services at least twice a year to maintain them in top condition.
  5. Cocktail Hutch– Instead of keeping your wine and alcoholic drinks in one of your kitchen cabinets you can place a cocktail hutch in your dining room and keep your beverages there. Keep in mind that most cocktail hutch have special compartment where you can keep the glasses, shakers, napkins and etc. So by placing a hutch in the dining room you will open even more space in your kitchen.
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