Four silly games that are ideal of adult parties

Today we will present to you four silly party games which you can play with your guests during your upcoming party.

  1. BubbleFind the bubble gum– This game is easy to play and requires very little preparation. Simply pass to each of your guests a bowl with a piece of unwrapped bubble on it. Then fill the bowl with whipped cream and have each player find their piece of gum by feeling around the bowl without using his hands. The first person that finds their bubble gum wins the game. We realize that this is a very silly, even childish game but it is also very amusing. The only downside is that you will have to do some cleaning afterwards, but if you are too tired to clean you can always using professional after party cleaning services of a company like Cleaners Notting Hill.
  2. Forehead pass the orange – You will need two oranges and an obstacle-free space to play this highly competitive game. Then split your guests into two teams of even number. Make sure that players in each team are of approximately the same height. Once the teams are ready, have the first two person of each team place an orange between their foreheads and then have them run through the room touch the farthest wall and return. Once the first pair is back to the starting point, the orange is passed by hand to the next pair and like this until all pairs have completed a lap. The team that first finishes all runs, wins the game. If an orange is dropped during the game, the pair is obligated to start from the beginning.
  3. Bobbing for apples – This is one of the oldest games known to manmade. Historians claim that the game originated in the Middle Ages. Simply fill your bathtub or a large laver with water and then place floating apples into the water. Next have each player grab as many apples as he/she can by using their teeth while their hands are tied behind their back, for a period of 30 seconds. The player that grabs the most apples wins. You can add your own touch and customize the game by using whipped cream, chocolate syrup or custard instead of water. Just like with the bubble gum from above, this game may soil your household. So don’t be shy to use professional cleaning services once your party is over.
  4. Pass the parcel fancy dress – Grab a sports bags and fill with as many silly clothing items that you have. For instance you can place in it wigs, long johns, weird hats, Halloween customers and etc. Then gather in a circle and run a song, when the songs end the person holding the bag must put on a random item from the bag. Then play another song, and once again the person holding the bag when the song ends must put on a random item from the bag. The game ends when the bag is empty, while the winner is determined by a vote from all the players. The criteria for winning can be the best dressed player, the worst dressed players, the silliest dressed player and so on.

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